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What Do You Know About the “Taco Bell” Dog?

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Sue Chipperton...................................

Yo quiero Taco Bell

Author and studio animal trainer, Sue Chipperton joined me in this episode to talk about her recently released book, A Famous Dog’s Life: The Story of Gidget, America’s Most Beloved Chihuahua. While Sue has trained many animals for roles in commercials, television and movies, her book mainly focuses on her life with Gidget the famous “Yo Quiero, Taco Bell” dog and the fascinating world of Hollywood animal training. Sue shared with me what it was like to train such a famous dog, how she selects animals that will be trained for roles in movies, commercials and television, and how Gidget surprised everyone by biting Antonio Banderas on the nose when he got to close. This is truly an inspiring story!  

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