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Tim Link

The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs

Dr. Nick Trout  on Pet Life Radio..............

Dr. Nick Trout............

Dr. Nick Trout, New York Times best-selling author joined Tim in this episode to talk about his recently released book, The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs. Tim asked how this book compares to his previous best-selling books, the premise of his latest book and how he came to write the book. Tim also asked Nick about the differences in writing a novel compared to a memoir. Also, Tim discusses with Nick how an accomplished veterinary surgeon becomes a best-selling author. If you’ve enjoyed Nick’s previous works, you’ll definitely want to listen to this interview to find out more.

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Nick Trout graduated from veterinary school at the University of Cambridge. He is a staff surgeon at the prestigious Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston; the author of three books, the New York Times bestseller Tell Me Where It Hurts, Love Is the Best Medicine, and Ever By My Side; and he is a contributing columnist for The Bark magazine. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife, Kathy, and their adopted Labradoodle, Thai.


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