The Garden of Eder's Aquarium Shrimp: Colors from Paradise!

Dr. Roy Yanong on Pet Life Radio

Most people think of shrimp as something you dip into cocktail sauce, or served in scampi-style. But over the past several years beautiful, ‘technicolored’ shrimp have burst upon the freshwater aquarium scene, adding to the diversity of species for aquarium keepers.

My guest today is Grant Eder, owner and operator of ‘The Garden of Eder,’ an internet-based source of award-winning freshwater aquarium shrimp.  Join us, as Grant describes his journey to the industry and educates us on shrimp varieties and keeping.


Grant Eder, owner and operator of The Garden of Eder, has been breeding shrimp for three and a half years. Placed three times in the first International Shrimp Competition held in the United States in 2016. He currently has 71 different varieties of dwarf freshwater shrimp which he and his fiancée Shelby Kaye Brown house in 125 tanks ranging from two gallons to their 190-gallon planted tank dedicated to just for dwarf fresh water shrimp.

Grant was born in Hawaii in 1991, but at the age of three moved to Florida and grew up near many different water sources. As a kid, he would catch ghost shrimp at Weeki Wachee Springs as well as crayfish in local lakes. As a teenager on his trips back to Hawaii he would catch crayfish and plecos in creeks and streams, and net banded coral shrimp at night on the docks. Always surrounded by such beautiful water bodies populated by such interesting inhabitants, many invertebrates, Grant was inspired to pursue his passion -- breeding exotic animals, including chameleons and axolotls, as well as aquascaping. Grant entered his first aquascaping competition (Aquarium Beautiful) at the Florida State Fair in 2017 and was honored with the award of Grand Champion.  In addition to breeding and aquascaping, Grant enjoys teaching and spreading the hobby.