YouTuber Dustin Wunderlich of Dustin’s Fishtanks Talks Videos, Plants, and 107,000!

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YouTube has changed the way the world shares experiences and learns, and aquarium enthusiasts have taken advantage of this powerful tool. Big case in point- the incredibly popular aquarium channel, Dustin’s Fishtanks - with over 107,000 subscribers and millions of views - hosted by wild man Dustin Wunderlich.  Join us, as Dustin shares his journey from European history major to YouTube sensation as well as his passions about the aquarium hobby and planted tanks.


Dustin Wunderlich of "Dustin's Fishtanks" has been keeping tropical fish since he was 14 years old. He was first hooked as a kid when his dad setup a 10 gallon with a goldfish and a "No Fishing" sign.  He started working at a fish store the day he turned 16.  During both high school and college he not only kept aquariums but managed to get anyone who was friends with him involved in the hobby and getting an aquarium.

He's kept all kinds of fish from Piranhas to Cichlids and even went through a few year stint with a reef tank.  His passion for the planted aquarium was found in college when he kept a 40-tall with 40 neon tetras and live plants for the first time.  After graduating college with a history major he moved to Cincinnati where he met his now wife.  After a brief year living in Florida, he moved with his wife to Lexington where he has lived the past 10 years.   In 2009 Dustin uploaded his first YouTube video to his now well-known, "Dustin's Fishtanks" YouTube Channel which currently has 107,000 subscribers and 2.1 million views.


In 2013 he left his well-paying job selling VOIP Phone systems to pursue his passion full time in the aquarium hobby. He now puts out three videos a week on Dustin's Fishtanks and makes a living doing what he loves.​