Capturing The Magic: The Portraits of Barbara Tyler Ahlfield

Jody Miller-Young on Pet Life Radio

The bond we have with our pets is captured exquisitely in fine artist, Barbara Tyler Ahlfield’s Fashionable People, Fashionable Pets, a series featuring people from her life and their beloved animals. See what she does and hear the great stories about her inspirations! 

Barbara Tyler Ahlfield  on Pet Life Radio


Magical wonder is the world fine artist, Barbara Tyler Ahlfield, conjures in her newest collection, Fashionable People, Fashionable Pets. Fresh from a solo exhibitor’s spot at New York’s ArtExpo 2015, and named a Top Emerging Artist of 2014 by Art Business News, Tyler Ahlfield is garnering attention in her newly chosen arena.

After 30 years as one of the leading, award-winning American fashion illustrators, with her work bringing to life the creations of top designers on the pages of major newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post, Barbara has reinvented herself. Over the past three years, she’s become a fine artist in the medium of oil painting.  “I had dreamed of being a portrait painter my whole life, even as I loved working as a fashion illustrator,” Tyler Ahlfield shares. “I’ve now combined my three loves-pets, fashion and portraits.”

Her portraits captivate, drawing one into an ethereal world of beauty. Featuring dramatic posing, elongated figures and the “romancing" of fabric, all signatures of fashion illustration, the beautiful, on-trend characters stand side-by-side with their pets as co-equals, fashionable in their own right with their own unique style, palette and presence.

Each has a personal story, featuring people in her life and their beloved pets, some dearly departed. “Fashionable People, Fashionable Pets seeks to capture the unique and resonant bond that pet owners have with our dogs and cats,” Barbara describes. “Each human subject, portrayed with their pet, has ‘the perfect love affair,’ which I’ve tried to pay tribute to in this series.”