Gila Kurtz Guides You on How to Have a Life Worth Barking About in Her Best-Seller: Fur Covered Wisdom

Arden Moore on Pet Life Radio

Dog Is Good co-founder Gila Kurtz is a self-admitted overachiever. She earned Teacher of the Year honors in her first year of teaching. She moved five times in the first seven years of marriage to a US Navy Captain and still managed to run profitable home party and gourmet coffee vending businesses. But then she embraced the special power of d-o-g-s and is ready to share how you, too, can enjoy a life worth barking about. Tune into this special Oh Behave Show episode as she shares canine-inspired life lessons plucked from the pages of her new book: Fur Covered Wisdom: A Dog Can Change the Way You See the World (International #1 best-seller on Amazon). Among the doggone-good lessons: Never Walk Alone and Chase Your Dreams. And her inspiration? Her “Happiness Ambassador” Labrador named BOLO (Be on the Lookout). Woof!


Gila is a product of northern Virginia and she graduated from Virginia Tech University in 1987. When she bought Jon with her Visa card at a bid for bachelors auction in 1988 (true story), it effectively ended her teaching career. They married and proceeded to move about every 2 years until 2006 when they were able to finally settle in sunny Seal Beach, CA . Still, in addition to supporting a stressful navy lifestyle, she always had some sort of sales gig going on. After she convinced Jon to adopt a too-young dalmatian puppy, Gila learned she really liked dogs and decided to pursue a career as a dog trainer. She immersed herself in science of canine behavior and quickly became the go-to dog trainer wherever she moved (much to the disappointment of the third human Kurtz family member,  daughter Abby).  A recurring theme with Gila is that “anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”