A Second Chance is Just a Flight or Road Trip Away

Robin Ganzert on Pet Life Radio

As Adopt-a-Cat Month begins, Robin recaps last week’s dramatic transport of hundreds of cats and dogs from rural Virginia and Alabama to new forever homes in New York and Florida. Joining her are Debi Boies, the co-founder of Pilots N Paws, who coordinated 10 of her volunteer pilots and their airplanes as part of the transport, and Paul Raybould, American Humane Association’s Chief Innovation Officer who was there for every step of the journey and has many tales to tell from the road and air.


Debi Boies

Debi Boies is the founder and president of Pilots N Paws. A 501c3 national organization of 5,000 volunteer pilots that transport rescue animals and animals in need to safety. She is also the Executive Vice President of the Pet Philanthropy Circle and a Director on the Board of Air Care Alliance.

Paul Raybould

Paul Raybould is Chief Innovation Officer for American Humane Association and Executive Producer for the annual American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards™. Raybould’s task is to utilize his international business and nonprofit management expertise to help drive creative, mission-critical, sustainable growth at American Humane Association. He is responsible for Philanthropy and Marketing, developing support for new programs, driving excellence and best practices across all of the association’s programs, and securing long-term partnerships with major corporations.