Let's Talk Cats!

Michelle Fern on Pet Life Radio

Cattitude is one of our longest running shows on Pet Life Radio.  No surprise with over 47 millions households home to over 90 million cats (and that is just in the US!).  Cattitude has fans all over the world.  That said, I am thrilled to be the new show host for Cattitude!  We'll explore the world of cats, from rescue to adventure, from the hilarious to the weird, it's all about Cats!

This first show tells you a little about me,  (Michelle Fern) and my relationship with cats.  I'm learning quite a bit as I grew up with dogs, but am quickly growing fond of felines!   My household now has more felines than canines, since we added 2 new rescues, Princess Charlotte and Molly.  They are sisters from different litters and are nothing alike.  I also have some fun facts about cats from around the net!

"Cattitude" Theme Song Written & Produced by Mark Winter
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