Is Your Cat a Kitty Cocktail?

Michelle Fern on Pet Life Radio

Did you ever want to discover where your cat came from?  Is your fur babe susceptible to certain hereditary diseases?  This week Michelle Fern chats with Anna Skaya, founder and CEO of Basepaws.

Basepaws, developed the first comprehensive consumer genetic test for cats. They provide their customers with reports on ancestry, health and traits - to help owners understand their cats’ pasts and futures. Basepaws works closely with cats with hereditary diseases, and recently started providing free DNA testing kits for shelter cats to help with adoptions.


Basepaws is a pet genetics company. We developed the first consumer genetics test for cats, which includes detailed information about breed and ancestry, physical traits, health, and genetic markers for potential hereditary disease. This is the first feline report to include over 150 different results, and the only consumer feline test currently available.