Man Among Cheetahs

Michelle Fern on Pet Life Radio

Michelle Fern kicks off Nat Geo WILD Big Cat Week by welcoming Emmy award-winning cinematographer, Bob Poole to Cattitude to talk about his new documentary, Man Among Cheetahs.on Nat Geo WILD.

In Man Among Cheetahs, Veteran wildlife filmmaker Bob Poole sets out on a adventure following a formidable cheetah mother who is determined to keep her cubs alive. Along the way, watch him negotiate the risks and realities of filming in the African wilderness while trying to keep up with the fastest animal on four legs. This firsthand account of a cheetah chase will have you rooting for the cats and the filmmaker. 

Man Among Cheetahs is part of the action filled line-up for Nat Geo WILD’s 8th Annual Big Cat Week starting on Sunday, Dec 10 and running through Friday, Dec 15.

More than a television event, Big Cat Week is an extension of the Big Cats Initiative, a long-term commitment by the National Geographic Society to halt the decline of big cats in the wild. This global initiative actively supports on-the-ground research and conservation projects to protect the planet’s top felines.


Bob Poole grew up in Kenya, where his relationship with National Geographic began as a teenager while working on a film about elephants. With a university degree in science, he became a Cinematographer for National Geographic starting with a film about his sister, Dr. Joyce Poole, the renowned elephant zoologist. 

Now, an Emmy Award winning Director of Photography, his extensive credit list includes shows for PBS, BBC, Discovery, and over 35 projects with National Geographic. Bob works around the world but his passion for wildlife conservation has taken him to some of the African continent’s most remote locations. 

Working on the other side of the camera, Bob fronts shows for Nat Geo, PBS and BBC.  Currently Bob is on tour with National Geographic LIVE speaking in cities across the world.