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From the moment that cat fanciers saw the impressive Persian and the exotic Siamese, breeders imagined a time when the unique color point pattern of the Siamese could be merged with the impressive and quiet grace of the Persian. The attractive Himalayan is the result of those dreams!

Combining some of the finest qualities from both breeds, the Himalayan is one of the few “man-made” breeds and certainly one of the most popular. Since their recognition by the CFA in the 1960s, more than 500,000 of these adorable cats have been registered in the United States. Come learn how these breed was developed and whether or not this is the type of cat for you!

Also, from the Veterinary News Network, learn about a new fad sweeping cities and towns across the nation. Mandatory spay and neuter laws are cropping up in cities and counties, including major areas such as Los Angeles. But, are these laws doing the job they were designed to do?

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