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The “Bobtail” Cats

Most everyone has heard of the Manx cat, or the cat with no tail. Some might call it a “cabbit” because he looks like a cross between a rabbit and a cat, but this old breed actually hails from the British Isles and was an early favorite in the show ring. But did you know that two other cat breeds also have naturally shortened tails? The Japanese Bobtail and the American Bobtail are breeds that are newer to the US and cat fanciers as a whole. These lively cats are catching the hearts of many cat lovers across the world!

And, from the offices of the Veterinary News Network…FLEAS! Do you know how to best protect your fabulous feline from the onslaught of these pesky parasites? Listen and get a few hints as well as a few precautions to take when finding flea protection for your cat.

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