Have Some Silly Fun with Your Dog!

Kate Abbott, Petra Burke & Liz Palika  on Pet Life Radio

People own dogs for a variety of reasons: companionship, security, competing in dog sports, and many others. But no matter why you decide to share your life with a dog, Liz, Petra and Kate hope you take the time to have fun with your dog. And while going for a walk can be fun, blowing bubbles for your dog to catch is silly and even more fun. So is making noise through the cardboard tube in the middle of the paper towels and playing monster under the covers before you get out of bed in the morning. Having silly fun with your dog is a wonderful way to increase the joy you share with your dog.

In this podcast, details of the contest celebrating the 100th episode of this podcast are revealed. 

Find out how to win a It's A Doggy Dog World prize package!