Hopping into your Heart

Lauren Collier on Pet Life Radio

Move over Peter Cottontail...you've got some stiff competition!  Rabbits are hopping up to take the spot as thee most popular small animal pet in the United States.  Hard to resist those floppy ears, wiggly noses and oh so cute cotton tails! On this episode of My Dog Digs Dirt... everything you wanted to know about rabbit ownership, showmanship and so much more, with my special guest, Josh Humphries, President of the American Rabbit Breeders Association... dedicated to the promotion, development and the improvement of domestic rabbits everywhere!

Josh Humphries on Pet Life Radio


    The American Rabbit Breeders Association Inc. provides unification within its membership that is composed of rabbit and cavy enthusiasts throughout North America and the world. The ARBA serves to promote the domestic rabbit and cavy fancy as well as all facets of the industry including commercial and scientific research facilities. Its organizational roots can be traced back over 100 years when, in 1910, the National Pet Stock Association came into being in response to the skyrocketing popularity of the Belgian Hare (actually a domestic rabbit - not a true hare), that had come on the scene around 1890. Over the years, the ARBA has grown and evolved into its present identity - enhancing, through its membership, high standards of perfection, efficiency and cooperation between all phases of the rabbitry industry; the all encompassing objective remaining the promotion of the domestic rabbit and cavy.