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Want to learn more about your dog in minutes? Understand how they think and why they do what they do? Communicate with them better? Train them efficiently? And have fun doing all that? That is what the My Smart Puppy Minute is about and more.

Helping you help your dog is our motto and our mission. When you succeed, we all win!

Host Sarah Wilson is a professional dog trainer, popular speaker, published author and a TV/radio personality. She holds a Master’s degree in the human-animal bond.

Her first book, published in 1992, has sold more than 360,000 copies. Seven more followed, with translations into Japanese, German, Italian, and Polish. Three have made Amazon’s Top 100 list. The top-selling My Smart Puppy (book with a DVD included) and Childproofing Your Dog are the guides for this podcast.

She has appeared on a variety of TV shows including PBS's Nature "Why We Love Cats and Dogs," Good Morning America, Nick Jr's A Pup Grows Up, Comcast and has been quoted in/written for O Magazine, Parade, LA Times, Forbes.com, PBS.org, Amazon.com to name a few.

Most importantly, Sarah LOVES dogs and loves helping people understand & communicate with them more easily.

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Episode 15 - Stuffing dangerous? For dogs? Really? Really!

Learn the 3 foods you don't dare share with your dog this Thanksgiving to save your dog, and you, for an unpleasant (or worse) holiday memory. Since forewarned is prepared, we hope this helps ensure that your Thanksgiving is safe and happy for your entire family.

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Episode 14 - 3 Signs of Hindquarter Pain in Your Dog

When we live with our dog everyday, it can be hard to see subtle changes in their posture and movement. Here are 3 signs you can learn that will alert you to your dog's discomfort and allow you to get him the treatment he needs to feel better. You can see pictures illustrating these symptoms at Sarah's blog on the subject or you can ask questions at her forums.

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Episode 13 - Home Alone - Confined or Not?

Many loving puppy people debate whether to leave their pup confined when they go out. Sarah addresses that concern here, explaining what she thinks and why.

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Episode 12 - Staying in Hotels with Dogs

Here Sarah Wilson shares suggestions earned over many years of staying in hotels with many different dogs. Make your next trip easier for you, your dog, and everyone else on your floor by trying these easy, voice-of-experience tips.

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Episode 11 - Managing Mouthing 1,2,3

Sarah Wilson has helped 1000's of puppies through the mouthing stage and in this podcast she shares three simple and surprising things that can help. If your puppy mouths you, listen and learn.

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Episode 10 - Fetch!

Learn three quick tips for teaching your puppy to be a fetching star! (Although, really, it helps any age dog achieve fetching greatness.) Each tip makes complete sense once you hear it and your puppy will agree! Give it a try.

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Episode 9 - You Get What You Pet

You get what you pet is one of Sarah's training mottos. In this episode of the My Smart Puppy Minute you learn how touch teaches your dog - for both better and worse! Becoming aware of the power of your touch makes things easier and more fun for both you and your dog. Also, try the simple challenge Sarah suggests that can transform your relationship with your dog in a matter of days!

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Episode 8 - Bite Prevention: 1, 2, 3

In this episode, Sarah teaches you three simple things to watch for to avoid aggression in dogs: Avoidance, Freezing, Disinterest. Learn them, teach your children them and everyone will be safer! For more information on bite prevention, please visit MySmartPuppy.com and explore the helpful library or ask question in the moderated forums. Everyone welcome!

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Episode 7 - Socializing Young Puppies: 1, 2, 3

Socializing your young puppy is recommended by the AVMA, sets your dog up for a lifetime of success, and is as easy as 1,2,3. Sarah Wilson explains how Safety, Setting the Tone, and Keeping It Up are the key steps in this process. Have an older puppy or dog? Don't despair! It is never too late to make improvements! Have questions? Ask at Sarah's friendly, moderated forums.

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Episode 6 - Walking On Purpose: Head Turns

Struggling with distractions? Wish your dog had better on leash manners? Dream of a fast and reliable "come when called"? This podcast can help! "Head Turns" is a simple game that you can play anywhere to build better behavior everywhere. Start to home, create success there then take the show on the road. You will see improvement quickly when you practice this for a few minutes a few times a week. Have fun!

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Episode 5 - Congruence

Congruence is a powerful dog-training concept. Your dog is naturally and totally congruent, meaning they act how they feel and they feel how they act.  Often, training is approached from an "if I change how the dog feels, he will change what he does" approach. This is a great approach. Equally powerful is the angle of "if I change what he does, he will change how he feels". This podcast explains this idea as it relates to you, your dog, and changing his behavior. Enjoy!

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Episode 4 - Getting to Good

Get a new perspective of teaching, learn how to "get to good" with your dog and why that is the best approach to changing behavior. Sarah explains a common assumption nearly every dog lover makes, what works better and how to have a lot more fun training your dog!

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Episode 3 - When Practice Makes Perfect is a Bad Thing

In this My Smart Puppy Minute, Sarah explains how what your dog does when alone can build behaviors you don't like. Hear some simple and effective ways to stop the practice of things you do not like and start creating more success with your dog.

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Episode 2 - Easy Does It - A Simple Way to Create Success!

How to make training easy as well as effective. Sarah explains why you don't need any extra time to teach your dog to be extra good. And why doing that is a gift for your dog (as well as for you.)

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Episode 1 - Creating Contrast to Create Clarity

What does an on/off switch or a faucet have to do with training your dog? A lot! Learn their lessons and your dog will learn what you are teaching faster and with less confusion. It all makes sense when Sarah explains it.

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