Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson on Pet Life Radio

Host Sarah Wilson is a professional dog trainer, popular speaker, published author and a TV/radio personality. She holds a Master’s degree in the human-animal bond.

Her first book, published in 1992, has sold more than 360,000 copies. Seven more followed, With translations into Japanese, German, Italian, and Polish. Three have made Amazon’s Top 100 list. The top-selling "My Smart Puppy" (book with a DVD included) and Childproofing Your Dog are the guides for this podcast.

She has appeared on a variety of TV shows including PBS's Nature "Why We Love Cats and Dogs," Good Morning America, Nick Jr's A Pup Grows Up, Comcast and have been quoted in/written for O Magazine, Parade, LA Times,,, to name a few.

Most importantly, Sarah LOVES dogs and loves helping people understand & communicate with them more easily.

Have a question? Send it to or stop by and ask. Sarah will answer all that she can on air.