Warning: Content Not for the Squeamish!

Dr. Courtney Campbell on Pet Life Radio

Author of Gory Details on National Geographic, Erika Engelhaupt joins me today to take our cat talk to a whole new level! Do you think that your cat would eat you if you died? How nasty is a cat’s mouth? Can cats actually be paid mercenaries?  Find out on this episode: Gory, Gruesome and Grim Nine Lives with Dr. Kat.


Erika Engelhaupt is a freelance science writer and editor. Most recently, she held the positions of online science editor and senior editor at National Geographic in Washington, D.C. She continues to write her blog Gory Details at National Geographic and brings her sharp editing eye to clients including Scientific American and Science News. Her articles and stories have appeared on NPR and in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Johns Hopkins Health Review and other newspapers and magazines. She also loves storytelling, and has appeared on-stage and in podcasts such as The Story Collider.

Erika was previously a deputy managing editor at Science News magazine and a senior associate editor covering climate change at Environmental Science and Technology. She earned a Master’s degree in ecology and evolutionary biology at Tulane University and a Master’s in environmental science with a focus on journalism at the University of Colorado Boulder. She lives in Knoxville, TN.