DIY Tricks: Make Your Cat's Life Better ‘On the Cheap’

Dr. Courtney Campbell on Pet Life Radio

Have you thought about what makes your cat happy? Maybe you should. Today, we will talk with Dr. Lynn Bahr who is a veterinarian and  Feline Enrichment Specialist. Dr. Bahr loves to share ways you can use what you have to make cat friendly spaces and she even innovates cool cat products herself! Be the first to hear about her newest cat product, Hide and Sneak.

She has ideas that you have never thought of to make your cat’s day more fun. We may say that curiosity kills the cat, but really we can use that curiosity to make fun for cats and their people!


Dr. Lynn Bahr is a 1991 graduate from the University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine.   She credits a special grey and white ball of kitten fluff to lead her down the path of a career in feline medicine and behavior.  Her areas of interest and special care for felines include health and wellness, life-time enrichment, hospice care, strengthening the animal-human bond, and the ability to speak cat.  Dr. Bahr is currently the CEO of Dezi & Roo, a company that manufactures and sells solution-based pet products.  She serves on the Board of Directors of Pandemonium Aviaries and is a certified Fear Free professional and member of the AVMA, GVMA, SVME, AAVMC, AAH-ABV, and PPG.