Are You "Catified"? Did You Know That Your Home Can Be Gorgeous and Super Cat Friendly?

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We are so thrilled to welcome Kate Benjamin, cat style expert, to talk about who your cat is and interesting ways to meet her natural needs inside your home. Her ideas can exercise your cat's mind and body, helping her feel more at ease living indoors. Kate has tips about litter box care and organization to make litter box habits healthy and easy. Her design ideas even account for the changes that may need to happen as your cats age. Find out how to better coexist with your cats and look good doing it!


Cat style expert Kate Benjamin is the go-to source for all things cat- and design-related. She is the founder and editor of, the premier online magazine for design-conscious cat people. Kate also designs and manufactures her own line of handmade cat products under the Hauspanther brand.

Kate uses her design expertise to help people live happily with cats. She introduces environmental enhancements and well-designed products that accommodate the cats’ needs, while also pleasing the cat guardians. Just because you have cats doesn't mean you have to give up your sense of style!

Kate has been featured in the media including CBS Sunday Morning, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, The Pet Elite and Animal Wise Radio as an expert on style and design trends for felines. She also makes guest appearances on Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell with cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy.