Pet Care Disconnect

Dr. Bernadine Cruz  on Pet Life Radio

You want your pet to live long and prosper…you feed an expensive food, it has a better bed than yours, its trips to the beauty shop exceeds the pampering you receive and it has its own pet psychic… but are you addressing its essential long term health needs?  What are these needs and whose advice should you seek? 

Ms. Jeannine Taaffe, the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Banfield Pet Hospitals will explore with me their 2015 Annual State of the Pet Health Report.  It has some extremely fascinating details highlighting the disconnect between what pet owners and veterinarians view as preventive health care for cats and dogs and what you can do to remedy the shortfall. 


Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Jeannine is responsible for managing marketing and sales, Banfield’s call center and wellness plans. With Banfield for 14 years, Jeannine played an integral role in the rebranding of Banfield as a full-service hospital. She has a bachelor’s degree in hotel administration from Cornell University. Jeannine serves on the Banfield Charitable Trust board. She and her husband reside in Portland with their two cats, Tiger and Rudy.