Veterinary Center for Clinical Trials

Dr. Bernadine Cruz  on Pet Life Radio

Breakthroughs in veterinary medicine has saved lives and improved countless others.  We almost take it for granted that when you or your pet becomes ill, that there will be a safe and effective medication or treatment.  But how did these breakthroughs come to be?  Were the studies conducted on lab mice or dogs kept in research kennels?  Why can’t researchers do all the studies with computers and not use living animals?  How were safety and effectiveness measured and what about bias in the response to a treatment?  Is it fair to an ailing animal to give them a placebo rather than potentially

My guest is Dr. Eric Wisner, DVM, director for the UC Davis Veterinary Center for Clinical Trials. We will discuss ways your pet can help advance the health of pets afflicted with various conditions as well as assist people with similar maladies.