Nutrition Edition

Dr. Bernadine Cruz  on Pet Life Radio

In 2015, Americans spent over $60 billion on pet food with veterinary care coming in somewhere around $15 billion.  But is all of that money on pet food being well spent?  Are we over feeding and giving less than optimal nutrition to our furry family members?  Can some of the most serious medical conditions such as kidney

My guest is Dr. Cailin Heinze.  She is a board-certified veterinary nutritionist at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University where she teaches biochemistry and clinical nutrition. She is an expert in home-cooked diet formulation and general pet nutrition and has a special interest in feeding pets with kidney disease and cancer. Dr Heinze has been featured in Eating Well, WebMD, Prevention magazine, and Dog Fancy and she regularly speaks at national and international veterinary conferences.  So grab your pen and paper.  I know you are going to want to take some notes to help you digest this very important subject.