Pain Management in Pets –
The Joy of a Pain Free Life

Dr. Bernadine Cruz  on Pet Life Radio

You know your pet better than anyone else.  You would know if it were in pain…or would you?  Though pets are basically wired for experiencing discomfort as you and I are, too often they mask the typical outward indications like crying and whining for myriad reasons.  So how can you tell if your pet is hurting?  If you do thing they are ouchy, how about saving some money and dosing them with a bit of your pain medication?  And what is so bad about pain anyway?  Isn’t it just part of life? 

My guest is the Professional and Public Affairs Veterinary Advisor for the American Animal Hospital Association, Dr. Heather Loenser. We are going the explore these questions and more because every pet should experience the joy of a pain free life.