Danaus Ecological Reserve

Dr. Bernadine Cruz  on Pet Life Radio

Let’s take a quiz…a  geography quiz.  Yes, I know I am a veterinarian and this is a show about pets but you will see that it all makes sense.  Name a country that has no standing army…where it is ilegal to own a wild animal, has a population of about 4.5 million people who are all educated for free from primary school to high school.  Ranked 42nd in the world for environmental protection, has great beaches and fabulous people who speak Spanish.  Figured out where I am talking about?  Costa Rica.

Elías Peña is a nature guide at the Danaus Ecological Reserve in La Fortuna de San Carlos.  He is going to tell us how a small center in a small Central American country is enchanting and educating the countrymen and the world about the importance of protecting our plants, animals and world….they know we are One World…One Health.