Jennifer Whaley: How Self-Awareness Can Help Grow your Business (Even Without a Formal Business Plan)

Jamie Migdal on Pet Life Radio

In this episode, Jamie talks to Jennifer Whaley, owner of Fetch Portraits, about her experiences as a business owner and how she developed the Pose-a-Pet app to help increase the placement of adoptable companion animals.  She also talks about the life choices (as part of what she calls her “annual inventory”) that led her from a corporate job to a satisfying full-time career as a pet photographer and animal rescue advocate.


Jennifer Whaley is the Owner/Photographer of Fetch Portraits and the creator of the Pose A Pet™ app. She has been working in the pet industry in Chicago for almost 10 years. When she's not photographing one-on-one pup photo sessions or helping pet business owners with great marketing photos, you can find her volunteering her time and talent for rescue pups in need. Her unique brand is not only known for its vibrant images and close ties to animal advocacy but also for its Pet Photo Tours which visit area pet-centered businesses with hand-made sets 3 times a year.