John McGuigan: On Thoughtful Dog Training and Running an Unapologetically Successful Business

Jamie Migdal on Pet Life Radio

Jamie talks to John McGuigan, Glasgow Dog Trainer & Behaviour Consultant, about his evolution as a dog trainer and the challenges involved in running a rapidly growing business.


John McGuigan has been training dogs professionally since 2009, and has been a full time trainer since 2015. He teaches non-aversive, modern, science-based dog training to pet dog owners who are experiencing the full range of behaviour problems, from jumping up to aggression issues. He has also embarked upon training for trainers this year, which has been growing and becoming more successful as each month goes by.  John also provides seminars and workshops, and is planning his first international seminars in 2017.

About Glasgow Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant: Your choice of dog professional will make a huge difference in the life you live with your dog. I promote a relationship with your dog which is based on mutual respect and trust. Your dog looks on you to provide everything it needs including consistent, appropriate training, a safe environment and emotional welfare. In return your dog will provide you with years of loyal companionship, will be safe and reliable to have around and will also be welcome in the wider community. You can trust the techniques I use are the most modern available do to my membership of both the Pet Professionals Guild and The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.