Two Rescue Dogs Voice Their Opinion

Beverly Isla on Pet Life Radio

This episode is dedicated to rescue dogs who want to speak.  Literally. Renowned animal communicator Sheila Trecartin is here with us today to do something very special for a couple rescue dogs and their 'now forever' parents. She will relay what our 4 legged friends want to say. Sheila practices several holistic modalities but being a bridge between animal and human is considered her specialty. Having turned skeptics into believers, her work has been featured on television and radio.


Sheila Trecartin is a renowned animal communicator, Certified Reflexologist (registered with the Canadian Examining Board) and a Reiki Master /Teacher (registered with the Canadian Reiki Association). She offers her services to human as well as animal clients.

Sheila became interested in the holistic field at a very young age. Showing early signs of many holistic abilities, she has learned greatly through her own life experience. She has been practicing in the holistic field for over 25 years. In addition to Animal Communication, Reflexology and Reiki, her prolific portfolio also includes: spiritual counseling, crystal healing, vibrational essences, color therapy, chakras balancing, meditation, pendulum healing, dowsing, past life regression, mediumship, intuitive business consulting and holistic laser therapy.