Heaven on Earth For Rescue Dogs

Beverly Isla on Pet Life Radio

Caring for and housing rescue dogs is a world in itself; but once rescue dogs get adopted, improving or maintaining their behavior is a whole other world. Today's guests cover both arenas to make sure rescue dogs are not only as happy as they can be but as polished as they can be once adopted. Our first guest Lya, who owns and runs the non profit organization in Costa Rica called Territorio De Zaguates, also known as Land of the Strays. Our second guest, Jeff Reid, has been rehabilitating rescue dogs for over 10 years and runs Rescue Me Canine Training based in BC Canada. 



Lya was born in Ontario, Canada and is of Costa Rican and British descent. She lived in Canada for the first 6 months of her life and then moved to Ghana Africa where she lived until almost the age of 5 when we returned to Costa Rica and never left. Her father is a Biologist so Lya was taught to love and respect all living things from a very young age. Lya grew up around animals; she rescued birds, rats, toads, turtles, snakes, June bugs and anything that crossed her path.

Currently, Lya lives with her husband with no children but rather 700 dogs. It started 10 years when she moved into a house with a yard. Lya would find, care for, spay and neuter them and find homes. When she had over 100 dogs at home that had not found homes, we decided to destine my grandfather's farm as a sanctuary for unwanted dogs. That was nearly 8 years ago. 

Jeff Reid

I have extensive experience with canine behavioral issues of all types which includes over 10 years of rehabilitating shelter and rescue dogs. I am a Certified Dog Trainer with the International Academy of Canine Trainers in Delta, BC. I have completed the Dunbar Unleashed seminar and workshop with behaviorist, author and renowned trainer Dr. Ian Dunbar; the Dog Body Language, Aggression and Behavior Modification clinic with dog behavior expert and author Brenda Aloff; and Canine Wilderness Tracking training with trainer Maureen Fielding of K9 Leadership Training. My training also includes seminars by celebrity dog trainers such as "The Dog Whisperer"Caesar Milan as well as countless hours working with the Capital Regional District Pound, the District of North Vancouver Animal Welfare Shelter, the Vancouver SPCA and the Delta Animal Shelter. I am also a member of theCanadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers (CAPPDT).