Grieving Our Canine Friends

Beverly Isla on Pet Life Radio

This show is dedicated to those who have experienced the loss of their canine pets, particularly those who have cared for and taken rescue dogs under their wing. It is a topic that can be difficult to come face to face with; unfortunately, all pet parents do have to face it at some point. Today's guests are Wendy Van De Poll, founder of Center For Pet Loss Grief, she holds numerous credentials in the healing arts, coaching, author, animal communications to name a few. Our other guest is Brenda Harney, co-founder and VP of Tiny Paws Dog Rescue and who has had the wonderful experience of fostering over 700 dogs in the past 16 years. 


Wendy Van De Poll

Wendy Van de Poll is an expert and pioneering leader in the field of pet loss grief support, and the founder of the Center for Pet Loss Grief. She is the author of the bestselling Pet Bereavement Series available on Amazon. She provides wisdom, joy, and compassion for grief relief in her practice. Wendy is a certified end-of-life and grief coach, pet funeral celebrant, a licensed massage therapist for humans, horses, and hounds, and a tested animal communicator/medium. With a master’s of science in wolf ecology, Wendy has run with wolves in Minnesota, coyotes in Massachusetts, and foxes in her backyard.

Brenda Harney

Brenda Harney joined First Rescue in 2000 with small breed dogs. In 2007, she founded Tiny Paws Dog Rescue with 6 others, particularly for small breed dogs under 20 lbs, mixed or otherwise. Brenda became VP for Tiny Paws in 2008 and has been able to foster more than 700 dogs in the past 16 years.