Special Needs Canines

Beverly Isla on Pet Life Radio

Dogs who need extra care and attention compared to other canines are deemed having special needs. Whether it be a condition from birth or a condition developed later in the dog's life, sadly, it comes with a stigma that they are too broken to keep. For this reason, in many shelters, dogs with special needs are sometimes last to find new homes. 

We have two amazing guests with us to share their knowledge and stories on the topic of dogs with special needs. Elaine Reiter is with the organization Wildside Limited who takes a stand in caring for animals with special needs as well as Stephani Rizo, who runs the Miracle Foundation of San Diego and seek out those with special needs to rehabilitate and re-home them.  


Elaine Reiter

Elaine Reiter is co-founder of Wildside Unlimited and has a long history of success in the animal industry for approximately 3 decades. She has worked with various exotic animals including killer whales, dolphins and sea lions.  Elaine was the founder of the second largest animal production company in South Florida prior to moving to San Diego to except an exciting opportunity as a Supervisor of Animal Training and Care for the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program.   

Elaine, along with her husband, created Wildside Unlimited to provide the community with gentle training and grooming solutions combined with state-of-the art pet supplies.  Elaine is passionate about educating the community on the benefits of opening your heart and home to animals in need in our neighborhoods, as well as  the needs of animals abroad.  Wildside has a close relationship with Duo Duo Project, raising awareness of the dog/cat crisis in China and The Miracle Foundation that rescues seniors and handicapped bully breeds.