Give It Away And Get Paid

Ty Brown on Pet Life Radio

Jeff Gellman and Sean O'Shea are currently running some business building seminars that are getting rave reviews . Their style is a mix of personal development and actionable items to make yourself a better person and a better business owner.In this interview you're going to learn:
- Why you should be giving away your best secrets for free if you want to attract the right customers.
- Whether or not you should be 'firing' your worst customers.
- How to do Social Media the right way (Hint: You don't need to be on every social media platform available)
- Why self worth and income go hand in hand.
- Much, much, more.

If you've ever thought that you deserved to make more money this is the show for you.


Who would have thought that our little weekend dog training workshop would turn into a 6-day, career and life transforming seminar series, with 13 seminars under our belts and over 130 graduates?!

We're SO proud of all the amazing people who took a chance on themselves (and us!) to better their lives. This video is a little celebration of dreams realized - our dream to help others achieve their very best lives, and the dreams of the awesomely inspiring folks who are have come through the T3 program who are actually out there doing what they love every day!