Door-to-Door Revenue

Ty Brown on Pet Life Radio

When it comes to door-to-door sales Lenny Gray is the guy.  No one has had more success than him in selling a wide variety of services door-to-door.  What he shares in this interview will be a big eye opener to most pet business owners. If you've ever wanted to generate income on demand, test your marketplace, or get rid of 'slow times' or 'down seasons' then this is the interview you're going to want.  No one is doing this in pets- will you be the first in your area?


I currently own seven pest control branches across the United States. Rove Pest Control is one of the top 100 revenue producing pest control branches in the country  These branches were primarily built through a door to door sales program. We hire door to door sales teams every year and I personally train each of our sales reps.

I released my book Door to Door Millionaire earlier this year and have been selling copies throughout the world.

I also am a partner in a consulting company that works with a variety of businesses to help them grow through door to door sales and otherwise.

I recently appeared on the national news in Canada concerning door to door sales.