New Take on SEO

Ty Brown on Pet Life Radio

'Megan, you didn't reinvent the wheel.  You just gave it some really cool rims.' This is what I told Megan Wallace of after recording our interview.  Her idea seems so simple on the surface but the leads she is creating for her business and for her clients are anything but.  She's created a twist on traditional SEO and made it so that smaller businesses are able to compete with bigger companies.  Listen in to learn how to increase your lead generation.


Megan Wallace is the owner of the Dog Network, Inc. She has been a professional dog trainer for eight years in the Chicago land area and recently relocated to San Diego. While perusing her dog training career, she also began learning more about internet marketing, lead generation, and search engine optimization. Being in the pet industry herself, she understands your business and how to uniquely target your market and attract the clients you want. Her philosophy is simple: Lets maximize your client leads and income, while minimizing your marketing cost; which makes the Dog Network the most reliable, most affordable marketing company available.