How to do an Evaluation that Sells

Ty Brown on Pet Life Radio

Jim Closson has been quietly putting together one of the biggest dog training businesses in the country for the past several years in small town Boise, Idaho.

If he keeps putting up numbers like he's currently doing, I don't think his business will be so 'quiet' any longer.  In this episode he diagrams the exact process he and his trainers use to close 75% of the people who walk through his door into high paying dog training clients.


Sit Means Sit Boise started as A Better Pet Dog Trainingin 1989 by professional dog trainer James Closson. James attended Southern Oregon State College at Ashland, where he majored in Pre-Veterinary medicine. James was fortunate enough to study animal behavior under renown animal behaviorist Dr. John Sullivan. James was able to interact with Dr. Sullivan’s pack of wolves & wolf hybrids along with his pack of Dingo’s, thus improving his education on dominance, hierarchy positions and canine communication and Pack Leadership development.

While in college James recognized the need for quality dog training. Training that would help dog owners eliminate their pets undesirable characteristics. James successfully completed a formal apprenticeship of over 1500 hours, which included training techniques geared toward puppy imprinting, adult and puppy potty training, behavioral problem solving, Real World Obedience, Advanced Obedience, Police Service and Narcotic Detection and the European dog sport of Schutzhund. Recognizing the value of the Sit Means Sit Dog Training System, James also completed his Sit Means Sit certification in Las Vegas in 2010. In addition to learning from several respected European and American trainers and then spending many years and hundreds of hours researching different training methods from around the world, James took the best available techniques from a variety of different trainers and combined them with the Sit Means Sit Dog Training System.

The Sit Means Sit System is a proven training system designed to produce the fastest results possible. Without the use of Choke chains or harsh jerk & pull type methods, bribery or yelling. Utilizing the most scientifically advanced behavior shaping techniques. Our accredited professional Sit Means Sit trainers specialize is teaching you how to train your dog, in a comfortable and encouraging environment. “If you are looking for a Client Focused, Attention Driven, Motivational Remote Collar program the Sit Means Sit System of Dog Training is for you.” Our Mission Statement says it all.