Mindset Leads to the HOW

Ty Brown on Pet Life Radio

Any successful business owner must have the right mindset.  When your mind is in the right place you're better off in sales, taking care of your customers, watching over your employees, and more.  But too many people stop there.  Their mind is in the right place, but they don't have the tools and techniques to grow.

In this interview with Bill Church you'll learn fascinating things about the human brain which, when understood, allow us to push through the artificial barriers we create.  But you'll also see how Bill has taken that understanding and applied it to real world techniques that you can use to grow your business right now.


Bill Started Bow Wow Bill's Dog Walking Services in 2007 and since then has grown the business to over six figures and is in the process of expanding with construction of a new training arena and boarding area on his property just north of Seattle.

Bill can be found at Bowwowbill.com where he is Serving others by sharing his love and passion for dogs. Focusing on clear communication and real results. Offered: Skype sessions, Private training, Group classes, and large pack walks call for information 206-353-2455