SEO Mastery- Bring More
Traffic to Your Site

Ty Brown on Pet Life Radio

In the last couple episodes I've been talking about how to make your website a better salesperson and how to get better conversions.  None of that is very meaningful if you can't get traffic.  In this episode Tom Savoca goes over his Five Step Plan that any dog business owner can do with their website to improve rankings and get more traffic.  Take notes on this one.


Tom and Melodie Savoca’s Florida SEO company, SEO Does Matter, Inc., was structured in 2009. They have been involved in web marketing,  search engine optimization, and social media for many years working for others and now working for themselves.

 I specialize in SEO, web development and multiple website development and have been in this field since 2000. I used to work for SWI Digital/Moxy Media dealing primarily with internet marketing law firms.  I realized I could deliver the same quality of work and minimize cost for the client.