Get Yourself An Automated Selling System

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As service professionals we often find ourselves without enough time in the day.  What if you could put your selling systems on auto-pilot?  Listen to this interview to hear one of the masters, Michael Senoff, teach how to use audio programs and interviews to sell more of your services without taking up any time at all.


    Michael Senoff is a marketing strategy expert and business consultant. He is the creator of Hard to Find Seminar, a website that offers free marketing interviews with some of the most respected experts in selling, copywriting, marketing, psychology, and more. Michael knows how to turn businesses around and is known for helping business owners explode their sales and grow their business.

    Michael Senoff always had an enthusiasm for entrepreneurism. He ran many different businesses from retail, wholesale, direct mail, and selling. He is a student of marketing, copywriting, advertising, and business. His passion has given him a vast experience in all different areas related to business.

    A few years ago, Michael did some very unique. He opened up a site called Hard to Find Seminars and rather than selling audio interviews he recorded with experts, he decided to give it all away for free on his site. Anybody can simply visit his site and browse through 157 hours of audios, download transcripts, and even download reports.

    Michael is also an experienced copywriter and often writes ads for himself and his clients. He has an interest in direct response advertising and his site Hard to Find Ads holds a vast collection of direct response ads. You’ll see ads from the 1920s-1960s, find ads by respected copywriters, ads from popular magazines, and a collection of headlines you can use for your own ad.

    In addition to that, Michael offers consulting for those who want to grow their business, get started on the Internet, or even start a new business from scratch. He also offers a service that helps you create your own audio interview and distribute it all over the net in order to get Michael sells many different products. If you visit his site you’ll find the Joint Venture Magic System, Art Hamel Business Buying System, Information Product Creation System, Claude Hopkins Advertising collection, Writing for Money Interview Collection, and the Clyde Bedell Marketing System for sale.

    Michael’s main product is the HMA Marketing System which teaches people how to make money at home by becoming a marketing consultant. The system provides you everything from finding clients, doing the initial consulting, finding solutions for your clients, as well tips as running the business.

    If you want to stay in touch with the latest offerings by Michael, you can subscribe to his newsletter and follow his blog. He is an active bloggers and his newsletter is filled with some amazing content and additions to his hard to find seminars site. You’ll also get some great promotional discounts on many of the products being sold on his site.