The Quest for the Worm-eating Warbler

Bob Tarte  on Pet Life Radio

Do they or do they not stumble upon a breeding warbler that’s rare in Michigan? Feather Brained author Bob Tarte and Book Character Bill Holm follow careful online instructions and still manage to get discombobulated as they search the vast, foreboding, and slightly muddy Allegan State Game Area (or at least a very small part of it) for this small, elusive bird. Please don’t reveal the special surprise ending to any of your friends!


Bill Holm and Marcia Davis are writers living in Holland, Michigan. In addition, Bill is a character who is unflatterinly portrayed in Bob Tarte's books Enslaved by Ducks and Fowl Weather. He is a lifelong resident of west Michigan. Marcia was born in New York, raised in New Jersey, and writes poetry. She also writes for Herman Miller, Inc., an office furniture company.