Special Delayed Feather Brained Magee Marsh Show from 2016, Part Two

Bob Tarte  on Pet Life Radio

It’s a total turnaround as Bob and Book Character Bill Holm enjoy a wind-free, warbler-filled new morning of birding at Magee Marsh. If that’s not enough excitement, listen closely to a slice of audio verite for a chance encounter with the esteemed author of The Warbler Guide, who had no idea he was being recorded – because Bob and Bill had no idea who he was. Pay close attention as Mr. Tom Stephenson validates an ID by Bob that another birder had just disputed. It doesn’t get any better than this! But please listen to the podcast anyway.


Bill Holm and Marcia Davis are writers living in Holland, Michigan. In addition, Bill is a character who is unflatterinly portrayed in Bob Tarte's books Enslaved by Ducks and Fowl Weather. He is a lifelong resident of west Michigan. Marcia was born in New York, raised in New Jersey, and writes poetry. She also writes for Herman Miller, Inc., an office furniture company.