Healing Habitat

Sam Ratcliffe-D'Arrigo on Pet Life Radio

This week Sam's guests include Odie, Sam Raymond (foster parent), and animal communicator Alicia Halloran of Healing Habitat.  Alicia uses a combination of intuitive reading and healing to shine a neutral light on your relationship with your animal companion so that you can understand your pet.


I have loved animals all of my life, from my first guinea pig to my current brood of dog, tortoise, gold fish, guinea pig and 5 cats (aka The Farm). My interest has always gravitated toward those with special needs. I am drawn to those who don’t quite fit in, sharing my home with blind, neurologically challenged, abused and abandoned animals.

I find that special needs animals have a special message for us. They show what it means to overcome adversity with grace whether it is a physical or emotional challenge. They have taught me so much about compassion and how not to feel sorry for them. Through them I have been able to gain greater neutrality, being shown how to see life not through the filter of disabled, but through the eyes of acceptance.

10 years ago after the sudden death of my cat Zephyr, I made the decision that I had to pursue my dream. He led me to take my next step as an animal communicator by showing me that he could take his without pain or suffering and I could be safe in my leap of faith.

My passion today is to change how the world communicates with animals. I don’t focus on the problem but on the message being conveyed. I teach people how to see animals through the lens of love, the way they see us. It can be challenging to see this love if there is persistent destructive behavior, or fear from past abuse, but just like us, there is only love underneath. Discover the love your companion is sharing with you.

Through the use and study of each these modalities I pursue my mission of changing the way the world communicates with animals through joy and love.

Certified Clairvoyant Healer
Ordained Minister – Church of Inner Light, Boulder CO
Certified Flower Essences Practitioner
Healing with Crystals and Gemstones
Essential Oils
Teacher of A Course In Miracles