Superpower Dogs!

Marcie Davis on Pet Life Radio

Listen in as Marcie and Lovey welcome producer Taran Davies to the show to talk about his new 3D live-action movie for IMAX, Superpower Dogs This innovative film captures the magic of working dogs across the globe. Taran talks about some of the canine superheroes showcased in the film including dogs who brave avalanches, bring animal poachers to justice, protect us from danger and lift our spirits! For the first time, you will see how working dogs see, feel and experience the world! You will never look at your best friend in the same way again! AND, you’ll want to follow Superpower Dogs on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


    Taran Davies, co-founder of Cosmic Picture, conceived, developed and produced the award winning IMAX film, Journey to Mecca, which premiered on the world’s largest outdoor screen specially constructed for the event in Abu Dhabi, and became the second film to be publicly shown in Saudi Arabia since theaters were closed in the 1980′s. Taran conceived of and produced the award winning Giant Screen and IMAX® Film JERUSALEM in 2009. He has produced, directed and written several critically acclaimed documentary films. His feature documentary, Afghan Stories, premiered at the Venice Film Festival, and was described by the New York Times as “invaluable”, and by the Anthology of Cult Movies as one of the best documentaries ever made.