Keith Sanderson

Keith Sanderson on Pet Life Radio

Keith Sanderson has worked in communication for advertsing agencies and corporations and more recently as director of marketing for The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders. He also did a stint as volunteer communications manager for The Puppy Mill Project. Max A. Pooch, the recycled dog who recycles taught Keith you can teach an old human new tricks.

The best trick Max A. Pooch taught Keith is that there is a link between abandoned dogs, and litter. Essentially they are the results of people discarding things without thinking about the results. By making that connection the team of Max and Keith provide a powerful reminder that our actions have powerful consequences. Recently, Max and his sidekick Keith have  been featured as part of  Lake County, IL's "How to go green," initiative, and at a major fund raiser for Orphans of the Storm, one of the country's oldest and largest animal shelters.