Kelly Jackson

Kelly Jackson on Pet Life Radio

Kelly Jackson wants to change people's attitudes about our older dogs and cats. She noticed there was plenty of information about raising puppies and kittens, but when her dog, Meeko, started to mature she didn't see an abundance of information promoting senior pet wellness.  "People don't realize or perhaps don't want to admit when their pets reach the senior stage of their lives.  I say embrace it!  It's important to know all about your pet and to help him make a smooth transition into their sassy senior years.  Our seniors are still very vibrant and fabulous."

Sassy Seniors is a show celebrating senior pets.  We will talk with celebs who own senior pets, authors, veterinarians, pets who became celebs in their golden years and much more.

Kelly is a lifelong pet lover and advocate.  She works with a number of animal welfare groups across the country promoting senior pet adoption and senior pet education. Kelly is also the founder of, which fills the huge void in cyberspace regarding older fidos and felines. The site is full of facts and fun, including the latest hot products for senior pets, a forum for people to ask veterinarians (Dr. health questions,  hollywood pet news, (Hollywag) stories of senior pets making a difference, and most importantly the very latest pet news and research.

Kelly also has also been a broadcast journalist for the past 20 years.  As a news anchor, Kelly is well versed in finding good sources of information.  It's what she does each day on the air!  She provides the same service to fellow pet lovers.  "I am their advocate, doing my research each and every day, working to find the best information available, and then sharing it with you."

Kelly's late dog, Meeko, has and always will be her inspiration. Her newest dog, LaRue, is a rescue dog who keeps her on her toes.