Dr. Jones

Dr. Jones on Pet Life Radio

Born and raised in California, Dr Jones, aka, Ken Jones,  has always had a propensity for nature and wildlife.  In High School, in the early 70s, he founded their first “ecology club”. In his youth he worked at some of the finest veterinary hospitals in the state over ten years, focusing on exotic animal medicine. During that same time, Ken created what became one of the first and largest volume pet sitting services in the country.  He went on to create a career of thirty years as a water feature specialist in the landscape industry. Ken has managed a custom aquarium showroom and maintenance service, a water garden retail outlet, and water feature installation and maintenance companies. Repeatedly, his projects won Designer Showcase awards from the national trade magazine, Watergarden News. Along the way, Ken founded an environmental education non-profit, and the Tropical Rainforest Museum, bringing conservation education to Northern California schools with over 1,000 school assemblies and exhibits.  His museum included a collection of hundreds of small exotic animals including parrots, finches, poison dart frogs, chameleons, monitor lizards, pythons, boas, iguanas, bird-eating tarantulas, and many more.

He also served as the Earth Day Chairman for the city of San Jose for two years, received the city’s Volunteer of the Year award, and a Mayoral Commendation for his contributions to environmental education.

In recent years Dr. Jones has mastered digital media production with the production of internet TV shows and podcasts.  He offers his media production skills, and background with exotic animals, to zoos and museums to help them fulfill their community outreach and conservation education goals.