Lisa Smith-Putnam

Lisa Smith-Putnam on Pet Life Radio

Lisa Smith Putnam {LSP} has done Jazz Radio, Talk Radio and has now, immersed herself in Pet Radio. This is her love, as you are sure to hear. Her PetKids, boys, dogs/cats…YES, they are her kids! A family that, with it, brings so many stories to share.

Having been at the helm of her multi-faceted media and communications company spanning more than thirty years, managing several successful Platinum selling recording artists, working as executive producer for artists of the caliber of Tupac Shakur, hired to procure and produce a specialty album for Microsoft co-owner Paul Allen, launching a critically acclaimed television music program “Your Music Network”, and traveling the world with four time heavy weight boxing champion and fellow music lover, Evander Holyfield, while handling his business affairs along with those of his family are only a small glimpse at some  of Lisa’s achievements. These have all, like a pebble tossed in a pond, brought Lisa to where she is in the present moment with the SIMPLY PETS brand!

Simply Pets Radio is under the wonderful umbrella of the Simply Pets Media brand! We invite you to view the latest project that they bring under Lisa’s guidance a lifestyle pet magazine for people that love animals! The Simply Pets brand embraces the lifestyles you lead with your “PetKids” and enhance it by sharing the ways we can assist you in making it better.

Lisa and her three, strapping, Labradors, became a family with two being raised from puppies (Coopah and Blizzard). The brothers then welcomed their siblings (Jaxxs), rescued at 9 months of age. Scooter and Tinka, are her Feline Petkids (both rescues-one female, one male) they round out the Putnam pack! ALL of them all add to her many years of experience raising animals, and a multitude of memories to share, about being a “PetParent”. Five is not a walk in the park. They can be a handful. A handful of love, fun and fabulous “tails”.

Lisa treasures every day of her life and is celebrating all the wonderful things that make her heart sing. People and animals are her true passions. Spreading love and sharing stories is her calling.
Lisa’s deep love of people, animals and media provides the motivation behind all that she’s achieved, but it is her love of family that makes her who she is as a person, someone overflowing with love and a desire to bring all of us together. Her desire is to have the Simply Pets brand be the catalyst and the “go to” trusted brand when it comes to our PetKids!

Lisa encourages to Laugh, Share and Play each and everyday!