Nan Talleno

Nan Talleno on Pet Life Radio

Nan Talleno, ABCDT is a certified canine behavioral specialist and certified dog trainer and has been rescuing and rehabilitating dogs for the past fifteen years. A graduate of The Animal Behavior College and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, as well as in the process of becoming a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Nan has extensive experience working with dogs of all sizes and breeds. Throughout the years, she’s been a volunteer at many animal shelters and rescues, including the SPCA, successfully working with “unadoptable” dogs with behavioral problems. She also counsels people suffering from MS to train and keep their companion animals. Her main goal is to bridge the gap and create peace and harmony for companion animals and their families.

Creator of "Peace in the Pack", her one-of a-kind program, Nan offers consultation through Heart to Heart Canine Counseling, specializing in canine behavior modification, problem solving, canine psychology and socialization. She continually attends ongoing seminars and workshops across the country, and intends to keep pursuing her growth with intensive study in the field. Nan is also a professional broadcaster with eighteen years of on-air experience having worked at CBS and NBC as well as numerous major market radio stations.

Nan has created her exclusive individualized program, "Peace in the Pack" which is derived from many years of research and close observation of the direction and guidelines of the original and true alpha, "the canine mother" to solve most behavioral problems, Heart to Heart's "Canine Counselor" bridges the communication gap between you and your best friend so that you both can live a happier life together. "The Canine Counselor" can teach you to understand the language of your best friend through the use of basic concepts of canine psychology.

You'll learn to better understand your dog. Positive reinforcement combined with structure, safe boundaries, affection and calm assertive leadership truly leads to your dog's progress and success. Every dog deserves to live a happy healthy well balanced life. "My true passion lies in helping all dogs to have a voice and to live a happy well balanced life, even more specifically those dogs with a difficult past. Being a canine behaviorist specialist, my individualized method involves positive reinforcement followed by a consistent schedule based on providing safe boundaries and limitations, along with affection, and most importantly, calm assertive leadership in the forefront. I believe that all communication should come from the heart and that behavior change comes from within.

My exclusive program I have created, entitled Peace in the Pack," is based on these methods and one more very important component, the true alpha, the canine mother's role: her direction, guidance and leadership to her pups. My work primarily involves using canine psychology, working with the dog's natural instincts. And most importantly, informing and educating their companion people about communication. Because ultimately when our own behavior changes, so do our dog's. It's extremely important to deal with psychological issues first before any formal training begins. I believe that applying consistent safe boundaries and rules along with praise and affection helps achieve your dog's success on a continual basis. Psychological needs and leadership issues must be addressed first. I've had great success with many dogs, many with serious issues, now living happier healther lives."