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Amy Shojai, CABC - host of Pet Peeves

Amy Shojai, CABC
Pet Authority
Award-winning author

Clearing The Air: Pungent Pet Breath

Dr. Brett Beckman...............................

Dr. Brett Beckman

Does King's pooch-smooch curl your toes? Maybe Fluffy's tuna-breath rivals rotten eggs? Bad breath makes us keep pets at arms' length, and when the stink-meter goes up, it's more than a social faux paws. Join Pet Peeves to learn the hidden dangers of dental problems, some shocking statistics about YOUR pets, and dog-gone amazing medical treatments. February is National pet Dental Health Care Month, and Dr. Brett Beckman, the president of the American Veterinary Dental Society, helps us learn how to clean up our furry act, and keep those teeth pristine and breath fresh.

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