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Pet Peeves on Pet Life RadioAmy Shojai, CABC - host of Pet Peeves

Amy Shojai, CABC
Pet Authority
Award-winning author

Pawsitive Parenting: Raising Kids with Pets

Peg Hevel........Chris Hamer

Peg Hevel........................................ ..Chris Hamer .......

Modern childhood, filled with video games, text messages, and MTV, seems far
removed from the farm and field encounters of yore. Does it make a
differences? Let me know your thoughts at Should the "Green
Revolution" include back-to-nature encouters with companion animals and
wildlife? Are children suffering from a disconnect with the natural world
around them? Listen as co-authors Christine Hamer, MS, CCBC and Margaret
Hevel, RN, BSN, PHN discuss their book, "Parenting with Pets: The Magic of
Raising Children with Animals." Learn about the positive impact pets have on your kids--and parents!

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