Tina Johnson: The Importance of Being Nimble

Dustin McAdams on Pet Life Radio

Dustin talks to Tina Johnson about how American Dog got started from a military/tactical gear manufacturing company and grew thanks to a Kickstarter campaign and their commitment to keeping jobs in the USA. They also talk about the importance of smart design and nimble responses in maintaining great vendor relationships, which helps the company stay strong regardless of the economic climate.


 Tina’s background began in and around 1989 where she ran operations for Madden Mountaineering in Boulder, CO. In 2001, she began a contract manufacturing company called Stryker By Design.  SBD caters to people who want their soft sewn products such as fitness bags, fashion bags, etc.  to be designed and manufactured in the United States.  Launching American Dog was a dream come true, after helping so many others successfully make their products in the US.