Julianna Carella:
Hemp Wellness for Pets

Dustin McAdams on Pet Life Radio

Dustin talks to Julianna Carella, CEO of Treatibles, about the use of hemp-based nutraceuticals for pet wellness. They discuss the difference between therapeutic and psychoactive compounds, the legal issues and research surrounding these remedies, and how phytocannabinoids can be used to manage pain, anxiety, and other chronic conditions in pets.


Entrepreneur. Innovator. Visionary. Expert. Meet Julianna Carella, CEO and Founder of Treatibles, a hemp wellness nutraceutical company for pets. In 2013 she established Treatibles. What began as an offshoot of Auntie Dolores has blossomed into a vital business. Treatibles now features a full line of products including four flavors of chews, dropper bottles and gel caps. All products are Compassion Certified, made from human-grade ingredients and contain quantified amounts of phytocannabinoids sourced and extracted from medicinal grade hemp grown in Colorado.